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chris-moranWe Automate The Hardest Task Of Any Business:  Profitably getting a consistent and predictable stream of new customers from cold traffic for you.

For most business owners, time constraints, lack of knowledge of the rapidly changing digital landscape, and bad experiences from prior attempts at promoting their business online leaves them trailing behind their competition.

We deploy proven marketing automation and sales processes for business owners just like you so they can finally enjoy the scalable growth they’ve been seeking, but had difficulty achieving before.

This newfound growth is driven by more sales from the leads they already have, and new prospects gained from highly effective, proven, and sustainable processes that work.

Response Triggered Marketing Automation and Sales Processes remove the risk of advertising and deliver ROI for every dollar spent.  Our clients enjoy the leverage of scaling growth through advertising without risk.

We have a very simple philosophy on business:

“If you’re going to commit to reaching greater levels of success in your business, you should never accept a fraction of the results that are possible when with the same effort or less, the same time or less, with the same resources or less, you can achieve so much more right now, and over the long-term.”

After years of providing transformational services to business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs, we learned the simple fact that when it comes to exponentially growing a business through skillful marketing and promotion, most people don’t really know what to do. If they did, they’d be doing it right now.  But, the reality is, most business owners are scared of advertising and marketing and don’t have the processes in place to make it work.

evg_logo_circledDynamic Response Triggered Marketing is automated marketing processes that speed up your sales cycle by customizing your marketing based on a given prospect’s behavior.  In other words, your marketing automatically aligns itself with each individual prospects progress within your sales cycle to keep them moving closer to the action you want them to take.

We provide successful solutions for business owners, eCommerce merchants, professionals, services providers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to “leap ahead of the crowd” quickly…

Our Clients Get:

1) Marketing Processes that are ongoing rather than hit or miss, on again-off again events that always leave you back at square one;

2) Scalable and measurable results with long-term growth objectives being the priority, and…

3) Up-to-date Automation so the business owner can be free from the endless grind of trying to figure out where the next customer is going to come from.

Go Here: to schedule a FREE One-on-One Brainstorming Session so you can discover how we will help you transform your customer getting processes and deploy marketing automation that works, and pinpoint exactly what you can do right now to make it happen for your business quickly.

Most of our clients dislike the thought of figuring out marketing and the expensive trial-and-error that goes along with that.  We remove this from the equation for you so you can focus on doing what you are best at and enjoy doing most.


eg11-smallI’m Chris Moran, the founder of Evergreen Automation and considered to be an accomplished CEO, life-long entrepreneur, and seasoned marketer.  My expertise is in online sales funnel automation and online sales conversion optimization.  My company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.

But the truth is, I’m not supposed to be doing any of this at all.  You see, my high school Guidance Counselor, prior to my impending graduation (a miracle in itself), gave me this parting advice on my future potential and career:  “You should consider finding a trade like carpentry or welding”

So, I did what every good student would do and completely ignored that advice…

And before the age of 30 buiinc500-02_smalllt a number of multi-million dollar companies starting from zero and growing to be ranked on Inc. Magazine’s INC. 500 listing of America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies – Three times.

My newest book is the Amazon #1 Best Seller “Customer Getting”, which details how business owners can quickly adapt to the changing digital cover3_v2_smallmedia landscape and shifts in consumer behavior to better align their marketing and sales processes with the current marketplace.  In “Customer Getting” business owners can discover how to attract the best customers like a magnet so they can prosper and thrive.

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 If you want to deploy systems for your business that turn advertising into profit by using automation, Go Here Now to schedule a “brainstorming session” with me so I can show you how it works.  Even if you decide not to hire me after our call, I’m 100% certain you will know it was time well spend and you will walk away with actionable strategies you can put to work for your business quickly and easily.