Deploy “Lead Scoring” To Increase Your Sales Conversions, Prospect Engagement, and Lifetime Customer Value Exponentially

The technique called “Lead Scoring” can increase your sales conversions, prospect engagement, and lifetime customer value exponentially.

big-lead_scoringSo, before you make a time, resources, and energy commitment to “getting more leads”, first implement lead scoring in your sales funnel and you will make considerably more money from the leads you are getting right now.

I’m not even sure if “lead scoring” existed in 2005 when I first started came up with a very archaic and labor intensive way to keep track of how many of 5 “steps” my incoming leads had taken.  I wanted a simple way to identify the best leads (lead scoring).  If it did, I sure had no idea!

My amateur lead scoring model was created out of desperation for a free offer I had to generate leads.  This offer involved the person signing up free, then completing 5 simple steps afterward in order to get their account fully activated.

Obviously the “hot” leads would be those that had completed 4 or 5 of the 5 steps.  And my “lead scoring” technique was simply giving each lead a score of 0 to 5, depending on their progress.  No rocket science at work.

There was very little automation involved back then.1-2-3-lead_scoring

But, that was then.  

Now, it is much different.

Not only can lead scoring be fully automated, it can also be integrated into your marketing funnel to automate and trigger follow-up processes that match a given lead’s score.  It can trigger follow-up processes to re-ignite leads that have stalled out.  

What lead scoring does best is it keeps your leads moving through your sales funnel and to the outcome you want:  A sale, an upsell, customer retention, escalation to high ticket sales, and maximizing life time customer value.

Marketing automation which integrates lead scoring can be the biggest thing you could do for your business right now.  Discover the power of what today’s advanced sales funnel automation can add to your bottom line.

Below you will find a short video I made for you about Lead Scoring…

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