Simple 2-Step Trick To Create Powerful Calls-to-action To Increase CTRs, Engagement, Conversion and Sales

Most any content you put in front of a prospect should typically be created to bring that prospect one step closer to becoming your customer.

sketch-drawing-call-to-actionBe it an ad, a blog post, an email, social media content, report, white paper, etc. good marketers always include some “action step” (call-to-action) which they lead the prospect to.

Certainly not every action step is “buy this”.  The most effective marketing funnels weave “micro commitments” within the content.  Suggesting a prospect “Read my most recent blog post on the simple trick I discovered to…” is a very soft “call-to-action” intended to keep the prospect engaged by delivering valuable content without being pushy.  It’s a small incremental step in the cultivation (sales) process.

The point being that a call-to-action can come in many forms, but are critical to holding the attention of your prospects and getting them comfortable with taking action when you suggest.  Micro commitments are important.

There does come a time when you must ask for the sale if you want to turn prospects into buyers.  This is done through a series of less subtle, more direct calls-to-action, like “Click Here To Get Yours Right Now”. (More on how to structure a 3-step series of calls-to-action for the sale in a later post)

As with every component of an effective sales funnel, there is a right way and a wrong way to write a call-to-action.  Don’t forget: “The magic is in the words you use”.

Below you will find a short video I made so I can show you how to create effective calls-to-action.

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