How To Use “Cycle Mailing” To Dramatically Increase The Results You Get From Your Email Marketing

You can literally increase your email results by 200% to 300%, or more, using a technique called cycle mailings.

cycle-mailingThis technique works for the same reasons we utilize 3 different “calls to action” in a closing segment for sales copy.  It’s based on the simple fact that different people take action for different reasons…

So, you always want to use techniques that are going to appeal to the broadest segment of your target audience.

With Cycle Mailings we simply present different reasons for our readers to take the desired action…

And we do so using a precise methodology to insure we don’t annoy or alienate our subscribers.

When it comes to email marketing, that first action we need the recipient to take is to OPEN our email.

Without the “open”, nothing else can take place.

Certainly the SUBJECT line is the #1 controlling variable when it comes to achieving high open rates.  The subject line is a Call-to-Action (open me!).

The video below will walk you through the technique of Cycle Mailing so that you can deploy this is your email marketing:

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