I Sure Hope Your About Us Page Is Not About You

How To Write An About Us Page That Turns Prospects Into Customers

The mere title of the page, “About Us”, seems to be a prerequisite for what content you need to have on the page. But, in fact, you must be much more strategic about it because it plays a key role in the path your best prospects follow, and their split second decisions to stick around and learn more, or bounce…

How does your page stack up?

What your best prospects want to discover on your “About Us” page is rarely ever there on a typical business website.

So, your best prospects bounce… Quickly.

The attention span of your target market is very much a ‘commodity’ today and earning their attention will only continue to be more and more difficult. Build your customer getting strategy around this fact. Your About Us page will be critical to a highly profitable sales process.

Give Them What They Want To See
And You Will Seize The Opportunity

Those who take time to gain a greater understanding of what their best prospects need to see before they will ever consider taking a closer look will enjoy a greater share of the market, while everyone else gets left in the dust. Which will you be?

As odd as it may sound, your “credentials”, regardless of how impressive is not what they want to know about you. Again, this requires much more strategy insight into your prospects mind.

With Bounce Rates As High As 90%+, You
Have To Make The Ones That Stick Count

There’s really no grey area here. The average “bounce” rate from most any business website is well over 90% and those who bounce are only around for a mere second. They likely will never, ever be back. So, what that means for you is that small percentage who stick around for more than a few seconds have set themselves apart from the crowd in a big way. Really big.

You’ve managed to get their attention, so now what are you going to show them to continue to draw them into your sales processes and get them to take the action you need them to take?

Knowing The Path Prospects Follow
On Your Website Reveals What To Do

The ideal transformation is: Cold Lead > Warm Lead > Prospect > Buyer. Thus, sales processes must be in place that will create a clear path for that transformation to take place.

The diagram below illustrates the most common path your BEST prospects will typically follow:

One can see the logical transformation that occurs as a Lead proceeds deeper into your website. At the point when a Lead hits the “About Us” page they’ve raised themselves from “lead” status to “prospect” status and this is your opportunity to get them engaged in a bigger and better way, or lose them forever.

Here’s How To Write An Effective
“About Us” Page That Sells

When a prospect navigates his or her way over to your “About Us” page they are looking for a reason to say “Yes” to whatever it is you offer. As noted above, having a prospect reach this point sets them far apart from the crowd. They are ready to believe your product or service can solve their problem and they are looking for things that validate that intent.

Here’s the KEY for in case you missed it in the last sentence: “…ready to believe your product or service can solve their problem”.

It is critical you see the difference here. It’s not about you at all. What they are looking for on your “About Us” page, whether consciously or sub- consciously, is first about what you can do for them. At this stage they don’t want to know about how long you worked at NASA, or how many college degrees you have, or how many years of experience you have. This stuff only matters to your prospects after they have validated your product or services can solve their problem. Everything else runs a distant second to this… Even on the “About Us” page!

So, you have to reset your thinking and ask yourself 2 things:

  1. What are the results my customers expect to experience from my product or service? In other words, what is the outcome they’re looking for?
  2. What are the 3 or 4 most common questions/objections my typical prospect asks (or should ask) about my product or service?

Then, write the content for your “About Us” page in a way that directly and succinctly addresses the items you defined in number 1 and 2 above.

For example, a typical “About Us” page that I always see starts off something like this: “Bob earned his MBA from UCLA and has 30 years experience in the business consulting field. He was recently recognized by blah, blah, blah, blah…”.

Prospect translation: “This has nothing to do with me or my problem and Bob is boring”.

Alternatively, consider this: “Our clients enjoy an average of 35% sales growth within the first 6 months of working with us…”.

Prospect translation: “This is the kind of result I am looking for.”

You see, an effective sales process is all encompassing. It’s not limited to one particular “sales page” or “products” page on your website. Everything you say to your prospect matters and must work to move them closer to becoming a customer. Everything. (If persuasive writing is something you’re not great at, here’s a valuable free referrence that takes the guesswork out of it).

I call this “moving them down a continuum of belief”. Everything they see about you, your products or services, your company must be build around the outcome your prospect is looking for.

The last part of your “About Us” Page Should
Get Into Your Credentials And Qualifications

As your prospect has reached the point of reading to the bottom of your About Us, the next step in the continuum of belief is “now who are you and why should I trust you?”. However, even this content should be written with the outcome your prospect is looking for in mind. The magic IS in the words you use.

Land Prospects Somewhere
After The “About Us” Page!

Effective sales processes that work will systematically move every prospect along predefined sales paths.

However, another major error people make on the “About Us” page is they leave that part to fate. Perhaps they are hoping the prospect knows what you want them to do next? This is a huge, huge mistake.

Tell the prospect what to do next on your “About Us” page. ie: “If you think a 35% increase in sales for your company in the next 6 months would help your growth, click here to schedule a strategy session so we can help you reach these goals quickly”. Use at least 2 such calls-to- action on your “About Us” page. Position one immediately after the content that covers the questions and objections noted in number 1 and 2 above. Place another call to action after the content about your credentials, etc. This should be very near the bottom of the page.

In today’s fast paced digital world the attention span of your target audience is a commodity. If a prospect commits to give your “offer” even a few seconds of their time, you must make the most of it because you can rest assured there is someone else ready to step into the spotlight and steal them away.

Everything you put in front of your prospects must work to move them closer and closer to taking the action you need them to take. And that includes your “About Us” page. If you found this helpful and would like to learn other techniques you can deploy to convert more of your prospects into buyers, then I know you will find this article: “The Proven Techniques Used By The Experts To Increase Conversion Rates For Ads, Landing Pages, and Websites So You Can Produce More Opt-ins, More Action Takers, And More Buyers Than Ever Before” to be very helpful for you as well.

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