Operation Nowhere To Hide

I want to give you a technique you can drop into place today that will not cost you one cent to deploy and WILL bring in more new clients for you than ANYTHING you could ever do.



It starts working instantly and is shockingly effective.

Now, I know those are fairly big promises…

But, this one strategy is so critical, it is the first thing I always get into place for every new consulting client before we even have our first strategy session.  This is STRATEGY #1…

If ALL we ever did for the client was OPERATION NOWHERE TO HIDE – STRATEGY #1, he/she would have gotten the 10X the fees they paid within 6 months time… Easily.

About 6 months ago I was being interviewed on a nationally syndicated business radio program, live, on the air.  I was told the topic of the day was going to be “Topic A” and I was prepared for that.  Well, about 2 minutes into the interview the host throws me one out of left field…  which happens every time in media.

His question was: 

“What is the one thing you can tell our listeners that they could do in 30 minutes or less that would have a meaningful, long-term impact on their business?”

Whew.  Now, there are plenty of off-the-cuff answers I could have thrown out there that I know would have sounded good to the average person and would have passed, but in reality would not actually have a genuine “meaningful, long-term impact” on their business.  Luckily I was “on my game” that day and what popped out my mouth was:  OPERATION NOWHERE TO HIDE – STRATEGY #1.

Well, the next morning I got an email from the host of the radio program saying he had never gotten as much feedback from anything he’s ever done on his show than what he’d gotten from my answer to that one question.   Since then, I’ve done 2 more shows with him.

That’s how powerful this is and you’ll see why:

Here’s the common dilemma…

– How do you find the best prospects for your products or services?  Advertising can be costly and risky.

– But, if you needed to quickly ramp up business, how would you do it in a way you were certain to have success?

– What is the shortest route to the people who would take action quickly?

– Where are those leads who you thought were a “sure thing” last month/year but never came through?

The fact is, leads and prospects are “like the wind”.  They blow through quickly and are off to the next thing, and the next, and the next.  It’s easy to forget about you.

So, how would you like to make it where your best prospects have nowhere to hide?

And have a way where anytime you wanted to get their attention, you could do it virtually instantaneously and with laser guided precision?

Follow this process and you will have exactly that and it will not cost you one cent to get into place:

The key components of this strategy are Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, and Perfect Audience.com   (*This is NOT about placing ads.)

This is about deploying STRATEGY #1.  The rest comes later.

STRATEGY #1 takes away the risk of everything else and gives you amazing power, and here’s how:

Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, and PerfectAudience.com all have a segmenting function called “Audiences”.

An “Audience” is a database of all of the prospects who have visited your website or Blog, or any particular page on your website or Blog.  In other words, these platforms will “tag” your audience and keep track of them in their system for whenever you are ready.  FREE.

ALL of these platforms will store your Audience FOR YOU and it will be there exclusively for you and only you.  (I’ll get to how to use this later)

The fact is, Facebook and Google do know EVERYTHING about you and your Audience.  Everything.

The way this works is you create an Advertising account in Facebook, Google Adwords, and PerfectAudience.com.   (Use them ALL or you will just be wasting your time.)

Then, in each platform find the section where you create “Audiences”…


While you can create different Audiences for different pages in your site, at this stage I would recommend you create one Audience for all visitors, every page in your site.   That makes it easier for now.

After your Audiences are created, each platform will give you a “pixel” code you must place in each page of your website.  *This is the part that gets mildly technical if you do not manage your own site.  If that is the case, get your web designer to add the pixel code.  It must be on EVERY page.

The pixel code is what these platforms use to detect the visitors on your web pages and tags them so they are added to your Audience.   Once in place, your Audience count in each platform will grow and grow each day.

These Audience Databases Are Your BEST Target Market For Your Services

Better yet, in Facebook, once your audience has reached a big enough count, you can create what’s called a “Look alike audience”, which Facebook will build for you.  A look alike audience is a group of people who are very much the same as your own Audience.  Remember, Facebook knows everything about everyone and what their interests are.  So, it uses this data to match people to the exact profile of your own Audience database to create an additional pool of ideal prospects for you (shockingly effective).

(*I’m not going to go into details about how to create the “audiences” on each platform.  Their own “help” pages can do a much better job than me.  Once you do one and you “get it”, the rest are easy.  I suggest you start with Facebook.  Google Adwords takes a few more steps than the other two. (BUT, as noted earlier, do ALL 3 otherwise you are really just wasting your time.)


It’s important you have all 3 pixels on all of your website/blog pages.  Your audience will build and each of the 3 platforms will have that audience database ready for whenever you need it.  You don’t have to spend a cent on ads for these platforms to build your audiences for you free.

So, let time work for you.  The more visitors you get to your site over time, the larger your audience database will grow.

Then, when the time is right, with each of these platforms your can advertise ONLY to your audience.

This takes the risk out of advertising because it is so precise and so exact.  And, since you’re not advertising to some random target group in Facebook, and only advertising to your own known prospects, the cost for your advertising is minimal, no risk, and highly effective.

Letting your Audiences build and letting Facebook, Google, and Perfect Audience store the databases and keep up with your prospects for you with ZERO cost is adding a highly valuable layer to your business:  A precisely targeted group of hot leads ready for you when you want them.


It pays dividends for a long, long time.  Nothing else works like this.  How else will you ever be able to put an ad right in the face of your best prospects any time you want?  Even if they NEVER give you an email address for follow-up, when you have them captured in your Audiences, Facebook, Goolge, and Perfect Audience will keep track of them for you and put your ads in front of them any time you are ready.  And they do not have to be on Facebook or Google for your ads to shown to them.  Virtually anywhere they are on the Internet YOU will be there too!

There Is NOWHERE TO HIDE when you build Audiences!


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