“Results” That Are Far More Important Than “Sales” Totals

rev-salesHere’s how to make your sales increase dramatically without ever trying to sell…

You see, most businesses look at sales totals as the measure of success or failure of their marketing efforts.  After all, the end goal is sales, right?  Those are the only results that matter.

Imagine for moment if you stopped looking at sales totals and started looking at other “results” instead.  And when you did, sales totals rose… by a lot.  You see, there are other results your marketing efforts can produce that will have a direct impact on your sales quickly.  The thing is, more than likely you can improve these “results” easiest of all and they will have the largest impact on revenues.  Plus, you’ll likely be able to raise your prices as well.

Those “results” are: Understanding, Trust, Likability, and Authority.

Understanding: Your prospects want to know the person they are dealing with “understands” their proble/pain.  They are seeking out that person/company.  When they find them, they latch onto them and will want to believe that person/company is the solution to their problem.  When you demonstrate a clear understanding of the “pain” your prospects are experiencing, you capture their attention and have an open invitation to show them you can deliver the solution they need.

Trust & Likability: Your prospects want you to demonstrate they can trust you.  That trust process begins with your “understanding” as noted above.  You can further that process by delivering results in advance to help your prospect with their problem.  Your willingness to give solutions to their problem before making an offer to sell your product or service will earn the prospects trust.

Authority: You will be paid the most for your position in your market place.  When we have your position in your niche as that of an authority, the demand for your services will grow exponentially and your ability to raise your prices becomes incredibly easy.

Chris Moran, Inc 500 CEO and Founder, EvergreenAutomation.com
Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller “Customer Getting”

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