The 4 Learning Styles Of Your Target Market & How To Create Marketing That Connects With All Of Your Prospects

We’re all different in the way we take in information and learn things. 

Marketing is all about conveying information to your prospects and customers to compel them to take the action You want them to take…

It’s very important that your advertising communicate in a way that gets the attention of your prospects, holds their attention, and conveys your message in a style that they will comprehend and remember.


Your target market is comprised of people who take in and process information in one of four different ways (their “learning style”).  It’s not a “style” they choose, it’s just the way their brain is programmed to work.

It’s important you understand the 4 learning styles so that you can create advertising that connects with 100% of your market.

And what happens when you do that is your conversions will increase dramatically across the board.

I am going to walk you through the four different “learning styles” of your target market so you can know how to create substantially better performing sales copy, blog posts, email copy, and any other communications with your prospects and customers.

It’s important you learn this because, statistically, your style of communicating only connects with about 25% of your target market.  If you follow along, you’ll learn simple tricks to crafting your marketing content in a way that connects with 100% of your target audience.  And when you do that, you’ll enjoy a much stronger connection with a larger audience, and achieve higher conversions across the board.

The 4 Learning Styles are:

  • The “Why” learners.
  • The “What” learners.
  • The “How” learners.
  • The “What if…” learners.

In our everyday life we predominately all use just one of these 4 learning styles.

BUT, not only do we take in information and “learn” through whatever style we naturally use, we also communicate through that same style.

And that is the important part of what I am going to show you…

Because, imagine this scenario:

on_stageThere are 100 people in a room, and you’re going to give a sales pitch to those 100 people in hopes of selling as many “whatever” as you can sell to those 100 prospects.

There are 100 people in that room and that means there are…

25 “Why” learners.
25 “What” learners.
25“How” learners.
25 “What if…” learners.

And of course, we have no control over this – it’s statistically just how it will break down.

So, let’s say, you personally, are a “How” learner.  So that is your learning style, and therefore that will be the way that you naturally communicate.

And imagine you work on your sales pitch for 2 week.  You write it, you re-write it, you practice and practice, until you have it down perfectly.

So, you go to the event, jump on stage with all the confidence in the world, and deliver a great sales presentation.

But, there’s one big problem.  And this problem is absolutely going to limit the number of sales you are going to make.

That problem is…

how_learnerYou are a “How” learner and the script you worked so hard on is written in such a way that it is likely to connect mostly with the other “How” learners in the room.  The majority of the rest of the prospects in the room will not connect with your message.

And that’s 75% of your target audience.   So, it could reduce the number of potential sales you can make by as much as 75%.

And marketers do this every day in their Emails, Blog Posts, Social Media, Sales Pages, Video Sales Letters, Webinars, etc.

When your communications only connect with 25% of your potential market, it instantly limits your conversions.

So, let me give you a simple technique to writing in a style that connects with 100% of your target market by communicating in a way that draws in all 4 learning styles.

I’ll start by understanding what is unique about each learning style:

  • “Why” learners want to know:  WHY do I need to learn this?  They want to know what outcome they’re going to get by learning this? What “pain” are they going to avoid?
  • “What” learners want to know:  WHAT am I learning?  They want to know the details early on.
  • “How” learners want to learn by getting a  procedure, a technique, step-by-step type information.
  • “What If” learners want to learn by doing it and seeing what happens.  They don’t need a lot of details, they just need the basics and are going to take it and get results.

Now that you know the distinct differences between these 4 learning styles you can see how it is important to create your marketing in a way that will connect with all of them.

This is very simple and straight forward…

The shortcut to creating marketing that connects with ALL 4 learning styles is to:

First Step:  Write your marketing piece, content, etc. as you normally would write it.

Then, edit it so that it address these important criteria:

  1. Here’s why you need to learn this…
  2. Here’s the result you’re going to get…
  3. Here’s the ‘pain’ you’re going to avoid…
  4. Here’s what it is… (Give concept, story, facts, science etc.)
  5. Here’s “how to do it…” (Action steps)

25-percentAnd when you do, you have successfully broadened your marketing potential by 75% or more.

Another tip to remember is your prospects will best remember the beginning and the end of your sales letter, be it video or long form sales letter, so it recommended you include the 4 Learning Styles technique in both the beginning segments and well as the end segments of your sales letter.

If you’ve ever watch any of my videos or attended any of my online workshops, I’m sure you’ve heard me say many times that the most effective and powerful techniques in advertising and marketing are invisible to the average person.

You’ll agree that this is a perfect example of that.

It is powerful.  Use it in your marketing.

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