How Rich People Think

The 7 Critical Ways Rich People Think Differently Than Everybody Else… Here’s Why Every Person Who Is Striving To Reach That Next Level In Life Needs To Know This: Most of us are eager to reach that next level of success in life and look forward to enjoying the rewards of that success. If you…

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Bad Advice

My high school “Guidance Counselor” hopes you never read this.

Today, Bill Gates first girlfriend in college says she remembers him as “being frail and having bad breadth”. Today, Bill Gates remembers her as not having 76 Billion Dollars. Donald Trump’s father told Trump that he should “…stick to the suburbs because the big city was far more than he can handle”. Often, when we…

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Who Are These Vagabonds?

I’m embarrassed to say that not so long ago I was convinced there could not possibly be anyone smarter than me when it came to my business. (How lame is that?) After all, I had enjoyed some early successes in my life (Read my Grey Area Report for more on that if you have not…

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VW Beetle

The Story of Tom and James

You know Tom, but you’ve never met his brother James (and there’s a reason why). Let me remind you of who Tom is. You see, this is a story of two brothers, Tom and James, who at a rather young age dreamed up an ambitious plan. Their plan was they would start a small business…

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What I learned from 78 ants (or 100 if you count the dead ones)

Here’s a weird thing that happened… And there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from it. A while back I bought an “Ant Farm” for my nephew.  After all, what kid doesn’t need a bunch of pet ants, right? It came by UPS, took about 6 days to get there. The box was kinda beat…

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John Kennedy Yes

What does John Kennedy have to do with marketing as we know it today? A lot.

“John Kennedy” – Now that’s a famous name, right? Well… this story may not end how you think it does. It was about 6:15 pm on a typical May evening in 1905 when Kennedy sent a note to A.L. Thomas, the head of the Lord & Thomas advertising agency. The note read: “I am in…

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